Who We Are

Rim Guirari - Phography studio -Interior Designing company in Abu Dhabi eau - mustard and linen
CEO | Founder

A passionnate of art & design. An openminded & curious specimen, who is always in need to discover new trends and create edgy stuff

COO | Technical Director

The Factory addict. Tom enjoys making things real. He’s a global designer who gained experience within the retail industry

The Team

Ena Mujagic

Deputy Manager

Marta Grosoli

Senior Interior Designer

Shima Rehman

Senior interior designer

Dinah Ghafari

senior interior designer

Farah Hanbali

senior interior designer

Judith Ibarrondo

senior interior designer

Itsaso Bartolome Yarza

senior interior designer

Fatma Rezk

junior interior designer

Anju Thomas

junior interior designer

Aruzhan Taspikhova

3d visualizer

Deya Salameh

senior interior designer / 3D visualizer

Kirill Trishkin

senior 3d visualizer

Richard del Barrio

Site Architect

Deepak Sharma

design engineer

Dhanesh Kalarikkal

bim lead technical

Sageer Hamsa

bim modeller

Praveen Sasidharan

bim modeller

Puran Singh

senior autocad draftsman

Roxanne Brucales

admin and hr assistant

Tibin George


Ahmad Bilal

Finance Controller

What makes us different

This is How We Work

We are storytellers
We generate customers experiences
We create strong identities

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